You don’t need to stay in a place of being alone with your pain and not knowing what to do with it or which way to turn.

Therapy is the process of beginning that journey towards self discovery and healing, which can better enable you to live a life of intentionality and purpose.

Perhaps you’re at the beginning of your adulthood struggling with making that separation from parents and more fully developing your identity and career path or perhaps you’re moving towards the latter half of life and you’re questioning if this is as good as it gets? Or you may be dealing w/end of life issues, terminal illness or the loss of a loved one…

Whether you’re looking for self understanding, healing from childhood or adult trauma, pre-marital/couple’s counseling/divorce recovery, or exploring spiritual/existential questions, I will create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore your feelings and thoughts about yourself and others who are a part of your life to help you get unstuck and to keep you moving towards finding meaning and peace in your life.

If necessary, I can utilize EMDR treatment to help clients move through their blocked, confusing places and to process through traumatic events.

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Types of Therapy



  • Trauma

  • Marital

  • Divorce recovery

  • Premarital

  • Infertility

  • New Parents

  • Sex Therapy

  • Anxiety or Fears

  • Chronic Pain/Critical/Terminal Illness

  • Depression

  • Loss or Grief

  • End of Life

  • Young Adults

  • Identity & Career

  • Spiritual Issues

  • Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Karen Martin Fiedler - Foothill Counseling